Memorial service honors late Lt. Vickie Salassi Wax for service in law enforcement

Memorial service honors late Lt. Vickie Salassi Wax for service in law enforcement

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) -In French Settlement, people gathered for a parade and memorial service to honor local police officers and the late Lt. Vickie Salassi Wax.

It’s a very special day for French Settlement, people gathered around, both young and old, to watch a parade showing their support for their local police officers, but to also remember a hero.

“I wanted the children in the community to realize what a true hero is, and Lt. Vickie Salassi Wax was definitely a true hero,” said Angela Eastridge who helped put on the memorial service.

Lieutenant Wax served on the Baton Rouge Police Department for 27 years until she was killed in the line of duty. This year is the 16th anniversary. Still today, her reputation is widely known and respected among the French Settlement community.

Some of her former colleagues from the police department recall of her work ethic and commitment towards law enforcement.

“For Vickie, it was just the fact that she served for as long as she did, as professionally as she did. She was small and stature, but just worked her tail off,” said Michael Rhoads who is captain of the French Settlement Police Department.

Wax was along time resident of French Settlement, so the community came together to honor her and remind her family that her sacrifice would not go unnoticed.

“It’s just very humbling to see everybody show their support, and on the behalf of the family I just want to thank the community, law enforcement—both prior and current law enforcement—for their support,” said Kiley Salassi, Wax’s nephew.

Speeches and memories were shared with the crowd about their beloved friend and lieutenant, it’s a promise that her service to the community will never be forgotten.

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