Local Arc Fundraisers get creative to keep their doors open during the pandemic

Local non-profits finding ways to stay open

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Local non-profits around the Baton Rouge area have been struggling due to the pandemic, especially certain facilities who cater to those with special needs.

Some non-profits have not been able to open since the state has not reached phase three, therefore, they are now putting their hopes of staying open into fundraisers.

The Arc of Livingston Activity Center is normally filled with friendly and familiar faces, but for the most part it’s empty due to the pandemic.

A few friends do stop by to maybe have lunch outside on the patio, like Megan. She is a regular client at Arc, but lately she’s been feeling a little bit homesick.

She says, “I miss my buddy and friends.” Due to the pandemic the activity center has had to keep its doors shut to protect their loved ones.

The organization is trying to do anything to raise enough money to keep their facility open so their friends can come back.

As of now, they are selling chicken dinner plates through the weekend and are having a virtual silent auction.

“If we have to eventually close the doors, we want it not because we didn’t try and do everything that we didn’t try and do everything that we could possibly do to keep the doors open,” says Haleigh Gautreaux Program Manager at The Arc of Livingston.

Other nonprofits like The Arc of East Ascension are struggling too. Their most popular fundraiser Dancing for a Cause is switching to an online competition.

Anyone can participate in this year’s dance off by simply posting at 30 to 45 second video of one’s favorite dance moves, and then the public will pay to vote for their favorites.

It may not be the sequined show packed with celebrity performers they’re used to, but they hope this year’s dance will be enough to keep the donations rolling in.

“We really do need the community supporter here. I know everybody is used to the big event. This year we are not able to do the big event,” said Sharon Morris Event Coordinator at the Arc of East Ascension. “So we really need more people to help us out, but this also gives more people the opportunity to participate.”

These activity centers are patiently waiting to let their loved ones back into there second homes, but until the state reaches phase three, they will have to remain closed.

For more information on The Arc of Livingston’s Chicken Dinners, you can check out their Facebook page.

If you are interested in participating in Dancing for a Cause, you can go to The Arc of East Ascension’s website here.

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