ACTION JACKSON: Woman facing homelessness after fire damaged neighboring apartment

Woman facing homelessness calls Action Jackson after she's delayed returning to apartment

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A woman says she is frustrated with the management of her apartment complex after being displaced from her apartment due to a fire that happened in a neighboring unit.

Lolita Blazio says she contacted WAFB’s Donovan Jackson because she’s been living in a hotel room for more than a week and cannot afford to stay there much longer.

Blazio says she’s frustrated because she’s had to pay for both the hotel room and her normal monthly rent.

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She tells WAFB she may have to start sleeping in her car if the situation with her apartment is not resolved soon.

“Management say that we’re supposed to only be out of our apartments for two to three days and as of right now, it has been eight days,” Blazio says.

Blazio, who cares for her younger cousin, says she did receive financial assistance from the Red Cross. However, she says those funds have run out after having to pay for food and an unexpected extended stay in the hotel.

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“They just don’t care and they really don’t care because if they really cared they would have been calling us and telling us exactly what was going on, even if it was just to check and say you’re not going to be in your apartment today,” Blazio says.

WAFB’s Donovan Jackson reached out to the management of Blazio’s apartment complex. They say an East Baton Rouge City-Parish inspector did come to the unit Wednesday, Aug. 19, but said it could take up to two days before power is restored.

“I also have my 9-year-old cousin here who has to do virtual learning and it’s hard doing it,” said Blazio.

Entergy crews were able to restore Blazio’s power the same day.

Red Cross Communications Director Stephanie Wagner also encourages families to prepare for unexpected emergencies, especially if living in an apartment. She recommends getting renters insurance and talking with your landlord about what options you have, like rehousing, in case of a fire.

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