California officer saves baby from choking

FAIRFIELD, Calif. (CNN/KOVR) - A California officer is being called a hero after saving a six-week-old baby from choking.

Mei’a Mays, the baby’s mother, said what started off as a normal Saturday, quickly turned into a nightmare.

“I looked over at her and noticed that she had started making faces as if she was choking,” Mays said.

Mays and her mother, Lorna Hayes, tried to clear baby Ma’laya’s airway, but her breathing problems persisted.

Hays said they weren’t getting a response and called 911.

Officer Paul Ramos said the emergency call was unlike any other call he had received in the more than three years he has been with the department.

“I immediately assessed the baby; saw that she was unresponsive and then immediately turned her over to deliver five back pats to dislodge whatever was blocking her airway,” he said.

Within minutes, Ma’laya let out a loud, healthy cry.

“Next thing you know, my baby was back breathing again,” Mays said.

The moment left an overwhelming sense of relief and gratitude.

“This is my best friend; the best thing that ever happened to my life,” Mays said. “I’m thankful for all of them that were quick respondents to this situation with my baby.”

Ramos, who has a five-month-old baby boy at home, said this emergency call is one that he will never forget.

“For me, every life is precious especially because I have a little on at home now,” he said. “I just thought of the child as someone who is part of my family that I absolutely needed to take care of.”

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