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How to save money while shopping on

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Many consumers shop online and for a lot of us, that means going through Amazon. But there are ways to save even more money while shopping on the site.

Kyle James is the founder of, which is a free online resource to help consumers save money. James finds and shares shopping hacks and insider tips and tricks to help shoppers “stack deals” to get the best price.

Amazon is known to drop prices for many of its products, but James explains some secret ways to save even more money.

“Amazon – they get millions of returns every month, so the question is what do they do with those returns? Well in many cases they’re still very usable, practically brand new,” he said. “Some of them actually are brand new products. So when they get returns, they go through like a 20-point inspection and once they get checked out and everything they go back for sale on Amazon. They go on the Amazon Warehouse deals page and it’s basically 15 to 40 percent off and they kind of break it down.”

That means consumers can find extra savings in just about every shopping category imaginable.

“The cool thing about it is when you’re shopping the Amazon Warehouse Deals page, it actually tells you the condition the product so you know, okay, here’s a TV. The only thing wrong with it is the box has some damage to it. I’m going to save 20 percent. It still comes with the same warranty and guarantee,” James explained. “You can still return it within 30 days to Amazon if you want to, so it’s kind of a no-brainer way to save.”


  • In the search bar, make sure you look for the word “All” and then an upside down triangle. Click the drop down menu and select “Amazon Warehouse”.
  • Search the item you are looking for and then look for “Used Offers”.
  • Just like James said, you will see all of the used offers at a discounted rate and the retailer will list the condition of that product.

There’s another secret savings tool to primarily save when buying electronics.

“Amazon Renewed is very similar. The thing with Amazon Renewed, some of their products are considered refurbished and it’s mainly electronics, so I just did this with my son,” said James. “He needed a new laptop for school. I went onto the Renewed section and I got a Dell laptop, regularly like $700, I got it for $450.”

The savings expert says the item came in a generic brown box without Dell’s logo on it. It still came with the same guarantee and warranty. James saved about $250.

“He’s been using it for six months and it works like a brand new system, so it’s more of your electronic deals and it’s more refurbished type items whereas the Warehouse Deals are more like brand new. Maybe the person just opened the box and said, ‘Oh, this is not what I wanted,' returned it. Well, it’s going to go to the Warehouse Deals, so a lot of them are brand new,” he said.

If you’re interested in saving money by shopping on another website or retailer, but can’t find a good discount, James recommends reaching out to him via email. He may be able to find consumers a better deal than you’re able to find on your own.

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