Some have concerns about potential COVID-19 vaccine as trials underway in U.S.

Many say they're wary of potential COVID-19 vaccine as trials on humans underway

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - There has been major progress lately in the push for a COVID-19 vaccine as phase three of one vaccine trial started in the United States Monday, July 27, with 30,000 people expected to take part.

But some people are still hesitant about whether or not they’d get the vaccine once it became available.

On the WAFB Facebook page, we’ve been asking people if they’d be comfortable with getting the vaccine once one does become available. Many people are saying they’re hesitant, don’t want to be the first one to try it, and the whole process is just too rushed.

“The FDA kind of cleared the way today for what will be the first phase three clinical trial in the United States. Eighty-nine sites across America, with up to 30,000 participants, will begin the first phase three clinical trial on a vaccine for the coronavirus,” said Vice President Mike Pence.

Some of those participants will be given the vaccine, while others will be given a placebo

“Many countries are working and collaborating on a vaccine and making it most effective, and making sure it’s safe,” said Dr. Frank Welch, Louisiana Department of Health immunization medical director.

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As President Donald Trump has said, they’re developing the vaccine at “Operation Warp Speed”.

But that has many people wary.

Frances on Facebook saying, "No way, I have no idea what's in it, or is it safe."

While Debra said, “Nope not going to use me like a guinea pig.”

“The coronavirus vaccines haven’t skipped any steps. They still have to go through all of the same steps that every single other vaccine has to go through, including the flu vaccine. Remember, we make a new flu vaccine every single year,” said Dr. Welch.

There are currently more than 25 vaccine trials taking place worldwide. 

Dr. Welch says in phase three of testing a vaccine, scientists are determining if the vaccine is both safe and effective on a large number of people.

“I would actually argue that compared to some other places, based on the way that we do it in the United States, we do it a lot slower. This is based on the fact that we do test so many people and it does go through such rigorous studies. We are slower than other countries,” said Dr. Welch.

Gloria on Facebook saying she'd take it, "Once it is proven safe and effective so probably not right away."

While Lynn says, “I will get the COVID-19 shot when they have it available!!!!”

“What’s going to happen is if lots of people get the vaccine, then coronavirus rates are going to go way down. We can go back to normal. So in getting the vaccine, you are part of the solution,” said Dr. Welch.

Dr. Welch believes the earliest we could potentially see a vaccine is by the very end of 2020.

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