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JACKSON, La. (WAFB) - The East Feliciana Tigers are stop No. 40 for Sportsline Summer Camp.

The student-athletes were working hard at a recent workout, coming off a 6-5 season in which they lost in the second round to No. 2 seed Many.

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SPORTSLINE SUMMER CAMP: East Feliciana Tigers - Part 2

Until this season, the Tigers had only one head coach in its history, Cedric Anderson. He has moved on and Darius Matthews has taken over.

Matthews said he learned a ton from Anderson and will lean on seven returning seniors in 2020 to lead the team.

“Pretty much things stay the same,” said Matthews. “I think Coach Anderson left us in great shape. So, when things are running good, you don’t have to make too many changes to it. Just a few minor adjustments. But I think he left it in great shape. So, we’re just going to add on a little bit to it.”

How are practices? How’s the energy?

“Practice is intense,” answered senior wide receiver and free safety Frankie Nunn. “They remind us each day we’re a special group and we can do great things if we put our mind to it.”

The Tigers aren’t the type to spare any toughness on the schedule.

“When you get the Kentwoods and the St. Helenas and the West Felicianas, it kind of prepares you for the playoffs. I think that’s the way we’re set up. Trying to prepare us for that second or third round. So, our focus this year is to get over the hump.”

“Ever since I’ve started playing here, he’s been the OC, so I think he knows what he’s doing. He’s seen us on both sides of the ball, so I think things will play out really well,” Nunn stated.

Another player added the team needs to pick up the pace on the defensive side.

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