Baton Rouge mother shares story of drowning scare to remind other parents of water safety

Baton Rouge area mother warns of the importance of swim safety

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge mother is sharing the story of a close call with her daughter at a swimming pool to remind fellow parents that water safety should not be taken lightly.

“I was going through a lot of emotions, it happened so quick. Pulling your daughter out of the water, she has beautiful long hair, dangling, unresponsive… blue. It was mixed emotions. It was fear, it was sadness, it was, ‘I am going to lose someone so precious to me,‘” said Brittany Coulon as she explained how she almost lost her daughter.

Coulon is the mother of three children, but one summer afternoon, she almost lost her 2-year-old daughter, Bailey, when the toddler decided to take her floaties off in the pool.

“A myth is that drowning makes splashes in the water, but it’s actually really silence, so with me in the pool to discover her body and pull her out of the bottom lifeless and blue and unresponsive is a parent’s worst nightmare and that came true for us on July 6,” Coulon said.

Luckily, Bailey survived after her father performed CPR on her and she was rushed to a hospital. The family decided to share their story online to raise awareness.

“So the whole reason we are telling this story that affected our lives is to raise water awareness, so that it doesn’t happen to any family ever again,” Coulon said.

Coulon says one of her biggest recommendations for families is getting swimming lessons as soon as possible. At ExxonMobil’s YMCA, free swimming lessons are being offered to kids, along with several other water classes too.

“We need to teach kids how to be safe around the water, we need to teach kids how to, what to do if they fall, and we live in Louisiana... there’s a lot of water,” said Ronald Smith, executive director of the ExxonMobil YCMA in North Baton Rouge.

The YMCA plans to expand its water safety classes by the end of July by offering CPR lessons.

The Coulon family will be celebrating Bailey’s 4th birthday Sunday, July 26 by hosting a Facebook fundraiser with the non-profit organization, The Safety Place.

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