93-year-old WWII vet walks 100-miles for Liberty Road Challenge

Updated: Jul. 21, 2020 at 1:02 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -George Bryant is used to traveling hundreds of miles at a time. The World War II veteran was drafted into the Army in 1945 and spent the end of the war transporting messages as a courier in Austria.

“I had a partner and he and I would deliver these messages. I would usually drive out and go through to Linz, Austria and on the way back I would pick up messages and go back to Salzburg. So, we had a pretty much full day traveling between there and back, we had to do that 128 miles forward and backwards,” Bryant said.

It’s why he’s no stranger to packing on the miles and why the 93-year old veteran is working to complete a 100-mile challenge to help benefit the World War II museum.

The Liberty Road Challenge, sponsored by the Crescent City Classic and the World War II Museum, asks participants to record 100-miles between the months of June and September in honor of the road the allied forces took to liberate France during World War II. The challenge also encourages people to compete in groups, to log 700 miles as a team, the full length of the route travelled by the allied forces.

At 93-years old, Bryant can’t get out much because of the coronavirus, so he’s spends days on a treadmill and in his Wichita Falls, Texas home using a stepper to log his miles.

“I stay at home and so I have a little unit that we have purchased that I can set, it’s a little electric deal that puts my feet to work just like I’m doing a mile and it will run for one mile, so I can do a mile on that sitting in my chair,” Bryant said.

Bryant is an ardent supporter of the World War II museum, spending days volunteering at the museum as well as spreading the message to people across his hometown in Texas, so a challenge that will benefit the cause is right up his alley, even if it seems daunting.

“Whenever I can I try to promote right here at home, even though when I’m there I volunteer as much as I can, I’m doing home volunteering as much as I can,” Bryant said. “I want to do anything I can possibly can, that will boost you might say the World War II museum in any way possible that I can.”

Bryant has logged 25-miles so far and is determined to hit the 100-mile mark, with about seven weeks left to go, he’s confident, he’ll complete the challenge.

“I’m hoping, I’m gonna get on that little deal, and I’m gonna let it walk for me and do that mile on that little booger as much as I can. So, I’m very hopeful of completing that 100-miles,” Bryant said.

You can still register for the challenge here. Money from registration will help benefit the World War II museum.

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