YOUR MONEY: Top things to buy in July

YOUR MONEY: Online deals in July

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - You’ve probably heard of the website You may have even used a coupon or discount code on there.

RetailMeNot has a team of analysts who comb through hundreds and thousands of deals to help consumers save money. Sara Skirboll is RetailMeNot’s Shopping Expert. She constantly monitors consumer shopping trends to determine the best time of year to buy certain products.

“Some of the best things to buy in July include swimwear,” Skirboll explained. “This is kind of out of the norm and it’s sort of a new category we haven’t seen in the past few years - it’s deliveries - food deliveries. You’re going to see deals upwards of 41 percent off so think places like Postmates and Door Dash and Uber Eats and Seamless. You’re also seeing grills on sale so grills are going to be upwards up 26 percent off and then shoes as well.”

Five things to buy in July (Source:
Five things to buy in July (Source: (Source:

Skirboll recommends you do your research and shop around adding items into your virtual shopping cart. Find the exact item you want to purchase and check different retailers websites to see which store is offering the lowest price.

For example, let’s say you want to buy a Weber grill. If you compare this same model at Lowe’s, Walmart and Home Depot, there is a pretty significant price difference at all three retailers.

“Grills are one of those interesting categories. Summer is the best time of year and towards the end of July specifically and even the end of August but that’s when the grill manufacturers and the stores really know that people need grills,” she said. “People want to get outside, enjoy the family time in the backyard, especially during this time of quarantine when lots of families are staying close to home doing more cooking inside the house so we’re seeing a lot of grills. A ton of inventory and the retailers need to sell through inventory and they do that by discounting.”

Skirboll also explained how a quick internet search will lead you to more savings whether it be through a coupon code, free shipping or even free curbside delivery.

If you search “Lowe’s” on you’ll see they are offering 4% cash back if you buy a grill.

“We are all familiar with sales and deals and coupon codes but this is a new up and coming category of saving and earning money at the same time,” explained Skirboll. “It’s really really easy and there are certain times of the year where you’re going to find upwards of 20 percent cash back and that’s a really awesome way to save money. Again, all this goes back to doing your research, looking around because you can find a Weber Grill at how many different stores? Probably at Walmart, probably Home Depot and Lowes for example. So go to those sites, see who is going to offer you the best deal including that cash back.”

If you want to go in the store to purchase a grill you can also download the free RetailMeNot app to pull up coupons at the register.

Something to hold off on buying this month is electronics. Skirboll explained better deals could come in August.

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