Defensive lineman Jameian Buxton pulls in LSU offer at 14-years old

Defensive lineman Jameian Buxton pulls in LSU offer at 14-years old
Buxton recently transferred to Thibodaux

SCHRIEVER, La. (WVUE) - Jameian Buxton is entering his sophomore year of high school this fall, but it sure doesn’t look like it at first glance. Standing 6′2″, weighing in at 260 pounds, the H.L. Bourgeois defensive tackle looks college-ready after witnessing his workouts.

“I’m fast off the ball. I’m quick for my size. I’m a bigger guy, I’m faster than most people my size. I’m strong, I could hit you with a power move, my physicality. I could go around you with speed too. Because I’m fast off the edge too,” said defensive tackle Jameian Buxton.

“I like his humbleness, first and foremost. I think he’s a hard worker. A kid who has a lot to learn as far as his position, and the game of football. But I love how aggressive he is, and how fast he can move. See Jameian is a basketball player, so he can move. Quick on his feet, and it translates over to the football field,” said Ernest Harvey of Camp Moula.

Last summer, at only 14 years old, Buxton upped his game to a new level, impressing all in attendance at an LSU football camp.

“I was going against my age group, and I was beating everyone with ease. Then they were like we need to move him up to the next group coach. I was looking at the kids on side of me, and I was like geez. They were like 6′7″ dudes, 310 pounds. I didn’t think I could do it, but deep inside I got to go. After that, went up against him 1-1 and I beat them. Everybody got hyped because I was the baby. I was 14, those dudes were 18, 19 years old. I was like, I could do this for a living,” said Buxton.

After the camp concluded, Coach Ed Orgeron offered the young Buxton.

‘We normally don’t offer eight graders, but you are different.‘ He was like I’ve never done this before in my life. You’re the youngest kid I’ve ever offered. I was like wow, that means a lot. So that means in the next couple of years I want you in this stadium playing with us, and sacking an Alabama quarterback. That’s what he told me,” said a smiling Buxton.

Doctors project Buxton could grow to 6′5″, so things are no doubt on the up-and-up for the sophomore.

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