LSU strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt working to keep the Tigers in shape

LSU head strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt
LSU head strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt(LSU)
Updated: Jul. 12, 2020 at 6:26 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - As LSU continues to work during these summer months and await what exactly the ruling on the 2020 season will be, they must somehow keep their focus.

Head strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt and his staff have done their best to keep the Tigers as in shape as possible during these bizarre times and extremely challenging circumstances.

Ask nearly any Tiger from the past and they won’t downplay Moffitt’s impact.

“I’ll say this and I’ll tell anybody this, ‘He is the reason why we’re winning now,‘” said former LSU running back LaBrandon Toefield (1999-2001). “He is the main reason why, because if you take the guy that studied under him, from Alabama, which I think he’s gone now, [Scott] Cochran, take him from Alabama, they’re not as good as they are. I’m telling you. It’s Moffitt, his program is the best. He gets the best out of guys. He pushed me to the limits I never thought I could go. And, he’s one of the best. I hope he stays there.”

“He helped a lot; I think I gave him a lot of entertainment over the years but he’s a phenomenal coach and I’ll tell you what, he made a really positive impact on his program’s fantastic,” added former LSU offensive lineman Peter Dyakowski (2002-2006). “But that motivation and the way that system works, the way it drills you, at that age, you’re so moldable, you’re so plastic. He’d take you in and they have it down to a science. They take this incoming feedstock. They do a lot of scouting but you come from all over, different high school athletes from all over North America. And, they mold you. You march through that program and you come out the other side an LSU football player, a Tiger. It was something to be a part of and I still do some of the exercises and some of like the rep structures and stuff that Tommy had us doing back then.”

Moffitt is now entering his 20th year with the program.

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