Our Lady of the Lake in desperate need of plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors

OLOL doctors say plasma donations are greatly needed to help gravely ill COVID-19 patients

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Doctors at Our Lady of the Lake say supplies for lifesaving plasma are critically low and they are in desperate need of donations.

The plasma from people who have recovered from the coronavirus contains antibodies that when administered to patients who are critically ill can help them and drastically reduce the recovery time.

While the treatment is still considered experimental, Dr. Vince Cataldo, a Hematologist at OLOL said it has the potential to be life saving.

“Theoretically what we’re doing is that we’re taking the healthy antibodies from the patients who have already recovered from COVID-19 infection and giving that in the form of plasma from a donor to a recipient who’s having trouble recovering from the infection as one part of the treatment protocol we have in place for treating these patients,” said Dr. Cataldo.

To donate, you must have recovered from the virus and be symptom free for at least 14 days. You must also make an appointment with OLOL’s Donation Center.

“It’s not unlike donating blood,” Cataldo said. “We only reserve the liquid portion of the blood, the plasma, and all the cells are actually given back to the donor.”

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