State officials say they are working to keep voting polls safe and clean ahead of primary elections

Some concerned about casting their vote in this weekend's presidential primary due to COVID-19 pandemic

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Going to the voting poll has been a concern for many as fears of spreading COVID-19 have some questioning if they will cast their votes in person this weekend.

“I think it’s better if they do it, like if they had something online where there are less people; I know voting is a must, but not as soon as they are wanting to,” said Charlotte Walker from Baton Rouge.

It’s one of the reasons why mail-in ballots hit record highs so far this year. However, not everyone is planning to miss out on hitting the vote button in person.

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“As long as you’ve got your protection on oh, and watch yourself, everything is going to be good. so you shouldn’t have to be afraid to go to the polls,” said Raymond Scott, another Baton Rouge voter.

Louisiana State Senator Regina Barrow says officials are working to make sure voters have a safe way to vote.

“Every precautionary measure have been taken place to ensure at the polling locations are sanitized. You may have several items on the agenda this election cycle outside of just the presidential election. You have a mayoral race that is going on, city council race in some areas, a judge race, and a referendum on the ballots,” said Barrow.

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Barrow says she is hopeful folks will stay safe but still get out to vote.

“Don’t allow this pandemic to stop them from going to do what’s their constitutional right to do,” said Barrow.

The deadline to turn in mail-in ballots is this Friday by 4:30 pm.

For more information on the July 11 election, including polling locations and a sample ballot click here.

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