’It keeps me young’ - Randall’s miracle throw still one of LSU’s most amazing moments

’It keeps me young’ - Randall’s miracle throw still one of LSU’s most amazing moments
LSU quarterback Marcus Randall loads up before heaving a 74-yard game-winning touchdown pass to wide receiver Devery Henderson against Kentucky with no time on the clock on Nov. 9, 2002. The play has come to be known as the "Bluegrass Miracle." (Source: LSU)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU could’ve run the play a hundred, perhaps a thousand times and it may have only worked once.

That one time occurred on Nov. 9, 2002 in Lexington, Ky. Against the most mountainous of odds, quarterback Marcus Randall received a snap from behind his own 25-yard line, rolled to his right and chucked the football as far down the field as he possibly could.

Former LSU QB Marcus Randall on 'Bluegrass Miracle'

A mass of Kentucky and LSU players alike converged beneath the descending ball around the Wildcats’ 20-yard line before it was deflected roughly five yards forward to a sprinting Devery Henderson, who gathered it in and sprinted into the endzone for the miraculous touchdown as time expired.

The television broadcast, obviously not anticipating the unthinkable, briefly threw up a scoreboard declaring Kentucky the winner of the contest. Wildcat fans, unaware of what had occurred, stormed the field and tore down the goalposts as LSU euphorically celebrated its 33-30 triumph. The play is now known as the “Bluegrass Miracle.”

These days, Randall is the head football coach at Woodlawn High School. We visited with him for a few minutes to recall one of the craziest and incredible finishes in college football history.

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