Former LSU RB LaBrandon Toefield remembers big games against Tennessee, Alabama

Former LSU running back LaBrandon Toefield (No. 22)
Former LSU running back LaBrandon Toefield (No. 22)(Derron Daquano/WAFB-TV | WAFB)
Updated: Jul. 7, 2020 at 5:51 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - During the pandemic, we’ve caught up with former LSU stars to relive some great and gut-wrenching moments.

The next visit is with former running back LaBrandon Toefield, who electrified Tiger Stadium 20 years ago against the Tennessee Volunteers before winning an SEC title the following season.

“For one, mind you, I had sat out two years,” said Toefield. “I didn’t play my senior year of high school because of an ACL. I redshirted my freshman year in college. So, that was my longest run since high school and I’m still tired from that run. I still get tired watching that. I don’t know ... it was like I was back. I’m back to what I used to be.”

I just remember your stiff arm.

“It was a weak stiff arm. I don’t know how he didn’t make the tackle. I don’t even think I used pressure. I just stuck my arm out there and he fell for it,” Toefield recalled.

I hear different things when a guy makes a big run or hits a home run. Do you hear the crowd? Do you black out? Did you hear it?

“No, I didn’t hear the crowd until I got in the end zone. I heard the crowd then. During the play or before the play, I didn’t hear anything. It was complete silence,” Toefield described.

I’m looking at the media guide and I’m asking myself, ‘How many touchdowns did LaBrandon Toefield score in 2001? Eight, nine, 10?' You scored 19 touchdowns that year.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. And this is me - I missed two games that year. Actually, I missed three games if you count the Sugar Bowl. We had a good offense that year: Michael Clayton, Josh Reed, Robert Royal. We definitely had the offensive line. I used to joke, ‘Y’all keep catching those passes and get down to the five and 10. You know what we’re going to do - run the ball,‘” Toefield explained.

I was joking with Rohan [Davey] the other day [about] that game he passed for 528 yards against Alabama. He really didn’t throw many touchdowns. He was like, ‘Well, every time we get close, we give the ball to LaBrandon.'

“There you go! Haha! I’ll take those three touchdowns. You don’t need them. Haha,” Toefield joked.

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