Woman’s Hospital provides updated COVID-19 safety guidelines for pregnant women

Woman’s Hospital provides updated COVID-19 safety guidelines for pregnant women
Woman's Hospital has released updated guidance for pregnant women about COVID-19 concerns. (Source: Woman's Hospital)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Woman’s Hospital has released updated safety guidelines for pregnant women after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently announced that pregnant women may be at a greater risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms than women who are not pregnant.

Woman’s Hospital says the CDC study showed pregnant women with COVID-19 are more likely to require hospitalization due to the illness than women who aren’t pregnant. However, it remains somewhat unclear if these findings are due to severe illness in pregnancy or simply cautious care for expectant mothers.

”Pregnant women should avoid going out in public when at all possible to minimize exposure,” said Dr. R. Clifton Moore, medical director of maternal-fetal medicine for Woman’s Hospital. “They should also pay especially close attention to their health for any symptoms of COVID-19 and maintain regular visits with their OBGYN to ensure both mom and baby remain in good health.”

Officials at Woman’s Hospital are also recommending that pregnant women self-isolate in the last two weeks before their delivery if possible and limit interactions with others as much as possible, especially in the final weeks before delivery.

More recommendations for pregnant women include:

  • Talk to your healthcare provider about how to stay healthy
  • Do not skip prenatal care appointments
  • Wear a mask in public
  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Limit interactions with other people as much as possible
  • During the last two weeks of your pregnancy, stay at home away from others
  • Inform your doctor prior to your visit if you have fever or cough

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