Here’s how to get your 2019 tax return ready for the July 15 deadline

How to get your 2019 tax return ready for the July 15 deadline

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Tax day looks a bit different this year. Historically, it’s fallen on April 15, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was pushed back to July 15.

This means you now have two weeks left to file your forms on time. However, you may be eligible to do it for free.

If you had a gross adjusted income of $69,000 or less in 2019, you can use the IRS Free File Program by clicking here. According to the IRS, about 70% of taxpayers qualify to use this tool.

These free file programs exist in partnership with the IRS and 10 other companies specific to your needs, like H&R Block and Turbotax.

When you do sit down to complete your returns, here are just a few things you'll need handy:

  • A copy of last year’s tax returns
  • social security numbers for you, your spouse and your dependents
  • any income receipts, like social security benefits, unemployment, W-2 forms, and 1099 forms

Of course, each of your tax return needs could be different depending on your financial situation. Here are two checklists from H&R Block (click here for the H&R block checklist) and TurboTax (click here for the TurboTax checklist) you can reference to make sure you collect the necessary documents.

If you’re looking for ways to cut your tax bill this year and in the future, try donating.

Charitable donations are deductible. It doesn’t even have to be cash. You can donate food, clothes, and furniture to places like Goodwill and get a receipt of those items’ value.


Again, all of this is due on or before July 15, but you can file for an extension if you don’t think you can get everything done.

To file for an extension, complete an F-4868 form or use the Free File program on the IRS website. This gives you until Oct. 15 to file a return.

Just know that more time to file is not more time to pay. You should estimate and pay any owed taxes by the deadline to avoid any penalties.

Individuals can learn more about filing for the 2019 year by clicking here.

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