Mayor Cantrell warns additional restrictions could be put in place for New Orleans ahead of July 4th holiday

Mayor Cantrell updates COVID-19 and S&WB upgrades

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Mayor Latoya Cantrell Monday expressed frustration at the increase of COVID-19 cases in Orleans Parish.

As of June 29, Orleans Parish had 7,796 positive cases.

At a news conference Monday, the mayor said she’s meeting with her staff and city health officials and is prepared to put more restrictions into place as we head into the July 4th weekend.

Cantrell said inspectors found some ‘bad actors’ not following the rules especially with national chains.

She said the Wal-Mart in New Orleans East is ‘unacceptable’ and is in talks with Wal-Mart on the regional level and says if there isn’t compliance, she is prepared to shut the store down.

Cantrell said she has also been talking with Don Rouse of Rouses Supermarkets. She says the Rouses on General De Gaulle is also ‘unacceptable’ and the Uptown store isn’t where it should be yet.

She’s talking with the owner of Rouses about compliance and was assured changes will be made.

The uptick in cases is of great concern for the mayor. She plans to meet with her staff again Monday afternoon and will work to come up with recommendations.

Again, the mayor says she is prepared to put more restrictions in place likely this week ahead of the holiday weekend.

She is also considering implementing fines and fees.

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