Action Jackson helps family fighting to get their gas services restored for nearly 4 months

ACTION JACKSON: Family struggling to get utilities turned back on after pole out front damaged

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Larry Hamilton says he has been struggling to get his elderly parents back into the home they have lived in for nearly 50 years.

”I’ve just been frustrated by the experience that I’ve had with Entergy of trying to get the electricity and the gas turned on,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton says his parents’ attic caught fire in 2019 after a driver hit a utility pole in front of their home.

”Me and my brothers and siblings have been in the process of having the home renovated, and it got to a point where it was completed, where we finally only needed to have the electricity and the gas turned on by Entergy,” he said.

Hamilton says they’re now having a hard time getting the right permits to have services restored, however, the home passed a gas inspection performed by the city-parish in March.

”When you contact Entergy, they say to you they don’t have all the required permits,” said Hamilton.

A representative with Entergy says they were waiting for permits from the city-parish for the plumbing, which failed a previous inspection.

”I would just like to get the matter resolved, and if it’s something that we need to do on our end, we just need to know what is it because every indication we’ve gotten is we have done everything we need to do,” said Hamilton.

The parish’s inspection department sent a representative to the Hamiltons’ home after speaking with Action Jackson. He said the plumbing permit should not have been required since it was not new construction and there were no major plumbing renovations. He further stated it was an error on their end, and they’ve since sent the updated permits to Entergy.

”I do think that there has to be something when one representative can say one thing and then another customer service representative looking at the same system and see something totally different,” said Hamilton.

Entergy has now restored gas services to the home and Hamilton’s parents are in the process of moving back in.

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