Baton Rouge doctors share thoughts about increased risk of COVID-19 for pregnant women

Updated: Jun. 26, 2020 at 9:26 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), pregnant women may be more at risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 than those who are not expecting.

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On Thursday, the CDC revamped its list of which Americans are at greater risk for severe COVID-19 illness. And pregnant women made it on that list.

“And a couple of things that make them (the CDC) concerned is that it looks like pregnant women with COVID get hospitalized more than say women who aren’t pregnant,” said Dr. R. Clifton Moore, Director of Fetal Intervention at Woman’s Hospital.

Dr. Moore says pregnant women of course get hospitalized more than regular women, because of labor or possibly blood pressure issues, and things like that.

"So to make that conclusion that they're getting hospitalized a little more is a little bit kind of hard to tease out, it could maybe just be because they're pregnant," said Dr. Moore.

He says that when pregnant women get sick, there is a desire to put them in the hospital because they're technically caring for two patients.

“Where people are kind of getting put in the hospital quickly because of the fear that they’re a pregnant woman,” said Dr. Moore.

However, a sad moment on Thursday, Allie Guidry who was pregnant, experienced complications after contracting COVID-19 and passed away.

Doctors were able to save Guidry's child, who is preterm and being treated in the NICU.

Read more about Guidry by clicking the link here.

Dr. Moore says they have seen patients who are pregnant and do have the new coronavirus.

“All facilities in this region have seen pregnant women with COVID, and so that’s not an unknown. We’ve taken care of some really sick patients with COVID. That’s what we’re designed to do. You know we’re a high risk pregnancy group of when women get really sick, we’re the people who they call, and so yeah we’ve seen some people that are sick,” said Dr. Moore.

He says he would tell pregnant women who may be a little timid about the virus the same things he’d tell anyone. That is that the focus should remain on being proactive.

“I still want pregnant women washing their hands, wearing their masks, avoiding unnecessary contact, especially with people with COVID. I think that’s definitely a wise decision to do,” said Dr. Moore.

He also believes some of the things in this CDC study may really be pointing towards the fact that pregnant women are being sent to the hospital, not because they have COVID, just as a precaution because they are pregnant.

He says there would need to be more studies done as the coronavirus progresses.

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