Pollster suggest 2020 election night could turn into a week

Analysts say early voter turnout hit a high in Baton Rouge; result delays expected

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Early voting turnout in Louisiana for 2020 hit a record high, according to JMC Analytics and Polling.

Pollster John Couvillion reported 58,282 voters for the first day, nearly triple the amount in 2016.

However, 48,075 of the votes were mailed in, likely because more people are choosing to stay home because of Covid-19.

“Mail-in voting was 7 times higher, and it was the highest that I’ve ever seen for first-day mail-in voting. Throughout this pandemic people have been switching to large numbers in voting by mail” said Couvillion.

He says the increase of mail-in votes could greatly delay how long it takes to calculate results on election night.

“Just because of the time it takes to go envelope by envelope, opening them up, verify the eligibility, tally them up, etcetera, it’s a much more labor-intensive process than pulling the cartridges out of machines for election day and/or early voting. The idea of ballots being counted in a couple of hours, in my opinion, that may not be the case in July or in August or even in November. “said Couvillion.

Couvillion says it could possibly take a week before final election results calculated and announced.

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