Summer safety tips to keep your kids happy in the heat

Tips to keep your kids safe and happy in the summer heat

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - The sun is out and your kids just want to monkey around, so your pediatrician might say, let them!

“They’ve been cooped up for COVID for so long, they need to go outside,” said Dr. Michelle Flechas, a pediatrician at Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital.

Local pediatrician talks about how to keep kids safe in the heat.
Local pediatrician talks about how to keep kids safe in the heat. (Source: WAFB)

Mom and dad probably need the break too.

“I think as parents, we need it for our mental health as well,” said local mom and market manager for Red Stick Mom, Ericka Poole.

But Dr. Flechas reminds us the summer brings on a different set of safety concerns.

“We want our kids to have a fun, wonderful summer and a fun summer is a safe summer,” said the local pediatrician.

She says bike safety is a big one, like reminding your kids to wear a helmet. Dehydration is another one. If your kids are out in the heat, don’t forget the water.

“It’s important to really hydrate before you go outside and play really hard rather than trying to hydrate after the fact,” said Flechas.

Swimmer’s ear, or water in the ear canal, is also common in the summer, but Flechas says you can mix up a home remedy of equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol to dry the water out of your kid’s ear once they step out of the pool.

For her, being proactive is key, and local mom, Poole, likes to do that by packing a bag before heading to the park.

“Making sure that before we go out into the community that we have a few essentials with us,” said Poole.

Her essentials include sunscreen, hand sanitizer, hats, and wipes. While Poole is happy to get her kids out and about again, she still doesn’t let her guard down.

“If you arrive at a park or a playground and it’s packed, find a different one,” she said.

Health experts say just because temperatures are hot, doesn’t mean illnesses go away. However, it’s not necessarily COVID-19 you need to worry about with the little ones.

“We’ve been to many play spots and we’ve brought home strep, you know, random viruses,” said Poole.

Dr. Flechas says strep throat, rashes, and viruses with low-grade fever are common among kids in the summer, so proper hand-washing and disinfectant are musts. But Poole doesn’t want you to be afraid to play.

“It’s time for the kids to be getting back out and having a good time, but we can do it in a safe way,” she said.

These safety tips can help your kids have a good time this summer.

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