Gov. Edwards signs 31 new bills into law as special session continues

Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the April Dunn Act Wednesday, June 3, renaming a previous law...
Gov. John Bel Edwards signed the April Dunn Act Wednesday, June 3, renaming a previous law that was passed in 2014.(Office of Governor John Bel Edwards)
Updated: Jun. 16, 2020 at 4:32 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - On Tuesday, June 16, Governor John Bel Edwards signed 31 bills into law.

He signed the following bills:

  1. ACT 306—SB 108 Provides relative to the expansion of the Louisiana Public Livestock Market Charter Law.
  2. ACT 307—SB 156 Prohibits insurance contracts from depriving courts of this state or venue of action against insurer.
  3. ACT 308—SB 163 Provides an exemption for certain contractors to the licensure requirements of the Horticulture Commission.
  4. ACT 309—SB 164 Provides relative to local sales and use tax adjudication.
  5. ACT 310—SB 180 Provides qualifications and licensing requirements for title insurance producers.
  6. ACT 311—SB 189 Creates special funds for the deposit of certain federal monies in the state treasury.
  7. ACT 312—SB 218 Requires that completion of qualifying forms for elected office include submission of valid identification. 
  8. ACT 313—SB 231 Provides with respect to the Louisiana Health Plan. 
  9. ACT 314—SB 238 Provides for repayment of personal contributions or loans.
  10. ACT 315—SB 271 Provides relative to the Health Care Consumer Billing and Disclosure Protection Act.
  11. ACT 316—SB 300 Provides relative to the Charitable Raffles, Bingo, and Keno Licensing Law. 
  12. ACT 317—SB 312 Provides relative to environmental education and litter reduction section of the State Department of Education.
  13. ACT 318—SB 452 Provides for the amount of gross revenue the Lottery Corporation is to annually transfer to the state treasury.
  14. ACT 319—SB 455 Provides relative to the limitation on size of containers of beverages of high alcoholic content.
  15. ACT 320—SB 459 Establishes the Vernon Parish Economic Development District.
  16. ACT 321—HB 740 Prohibits public post-secondary education boards and institutions from disclosing certain student information.
  17. ACT 322—HB 746 Provides an exception to the illegal carrying of weapons for certain persons who carry a concealed firearm during a mandatory evacuation.
  18. ACT 323—HB 763 Provides relative to a gubernatorial declaration of an abnormal economic disruption.
  19. ACT 324—HB 766 Provides relative to “construction aggregates.”
  20. ACT 325—HB 781 Provides relative to the authority to regulate the manufacture, possession, or sale of firearms or ammunition during a declared emergency or disaster or public health emergency.
  21. ACT 326—HB 812 Provides relative to the maximum number of racing days.
  22. ACT 327—HB 815 Provides relative to online auctions.
  23. ACT 328—HB 822 Revises the Addictive Disorders Practice Act.
  24. ACT 329—HB 827 Provides relative to funeral directors and embalmers.
  25. ACT 330—HB 835 Authorizes local hospital assessments in certain parishes to fund the non-federal share of Medicaid costs of health care provided in those parishes.
  26. ACT 331—HB 836 Provides relative to waiver of certain dental licensing requirements during a declared state of emergency.
  27. ACT 332—HB 845 Provides relative to the Calcasieu Ship Channel public-private partnership
  28. ACT 333—HB 618 Provides for the regulation of commercial feed and use of the Feed and Fertilizer Fund.
  29. ACT 334—HB 676 Prohibits a public post-secondary education institution from withholding certain student services for financial reasons.
  30. ACT 335—HB 681 Provides for Revenue Sharing Distribution for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.
  31. ACT 336—HB 826 Provides relative to the limitations of liability due to the COVID-19 public health emergency.

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