Some of Baton Rouge’s biggest workplaces take action to make employees feel safer upon returning to the office

Baton Rouge’s biggest employers take action to make employees feel safer upon returning to the office

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - You aren’t alone if you feel anxious about your health when you return to the office. Some of the area’s biggest employers share how they’re trying to make their employees feel safe upon returning to work.

One way Southern University is helping ease that anxiety by providing employees with on-campus COVID-19 testing.

“I think it’ll provide considerable confidence,” said Ray Belton, president of Southern University System.

Southern has partnered with CareSouth Medical and Dental Health Center to offer no-charge tests for staff and students once they return for the fall semester.

We need to assure families and students that when they return, they will be returning to a safe environment,” said Belton.

The university president doesn’t think Southern is alone with this objective.

“I think many institutions, certainly those in the State of Louisiana, are looking at ways of providing that assurance,” said Belton.

However, some companies want to offer that assurance in different ways.

Senior medical director for BlueCross BlueShield of Louisiana, Dr. Dee Barfield, says she isn’t that concerned about providing COVID-19 testing. Instead, a safe return to work for her employees means taking temperatures at the door.

“And we define fever as a temperature of over 100.4°,” said Dr. Barfield.

Her safe return to work plan also includes encouraging proper hand-washing, wearing masks, and social distancing, but the biggest thing is she doesn’t want people to let their guard down.

“It would be so easy to think, oh it’s not going to matter, it’s dying off, it isn’t going to mean me, and that could be the time that this could rear up in a big resurgence,” said Dr. Barfield.

Southern University and BlueCross BlueShield may be just a couple of organizations taking actions to make their staff feel safer in the workplace.

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