Registration now open for Spark Box summer initiative free activity kits for kids

Last day for Summer Spark Box giveaway

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Attention parents! Registration is open for community activist, Boo Milton’s, Spark Box summer initiative for kids.

”We have new materials every two weeks for kids. It’s one-hour to 30-minute activities that focus on health, civic engagement, mental health, and creativity," said Milton.

Milton says he started the initiative to help kids whose normal summer routines may have changed due to cancelations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It leaves kids without quality summer camp experiences, and we wanted to give a summer camp experience, or at least something close to it,” said Milton.

Activity kits will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

“It’s refreshing for her to have something academic and something that is familiar in the midst of all the chaos,” said Adero Carey, whose daughter received a spark box Sunday.

“Keep them in the learning process while they’re out. Our main concern is just keeping them engaged in something and this seems like something that could be really beneficial,” Ken McKanstry, an educator and parent.

However, Milton says the boxes provide more than just math and reading skills.

“They actually participate in a service activity. We asked them to write a letter that can brighten somebody’s day and then we send it to the Baton Rouge General Hospital. Having that human touch is a part of it, you know, it’s not something that you can just set aside. I feel like that should be implemented in all education systems,” said Milton.

Milton says 2,400 kits will be distributed throughout the summer. This is the second distribution event this summer. More kits will be distributed on July 12 and July 26.

According to its website, Spark Box is a series of activity kits for ages 6 to 8 that allows kids to use their creativity to be innovative while understanding the world around them.

The goal is to be intentional about guiding each kid on their journey to become a better self, for themselves and the world they live in.

Each box comes completely equipped with supplies such as crayons, a pencil, and other craft items to complete activities.

Boo Milton's Spark Box initiative

The boxes contain 30-minute to 1-hour activities that focus on vocabulary, critical thinking skills, social awareness, mental wellness, health, and civic engagement.

Parents with questions can email for more information.

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