Saints tight ends have talent, depth and versatility

Saints tight ends have talent, depth and versatility
Drew Brees connects with Jared Cook for a TD against the Niners.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -The tight end position for the Saints in 2020 should be an interesting group to watch in 2020. According to tight ends coach Dan Campbell , they have talent, youth and versatility.

Take Jared Cook, an explosive playmaker who surged in the second half of last season and finished with nine touchdowns.

“He is a one-on-one nightmare,” Campbell said. "He’s a matchup nightmare for a defense. I don’t know how you cover the guy. I wouldn’t know what to tell them, I know that. "

Next there’s Josh Hill, an H-back type, who;s value doesn’t always show up in the stat sheet. Saints coach Sean Payton once said it was like losing your front door when Hill left a game last year due to injury. Campbell put it another way.

" He’s the unsung hero, the guy does all the dirty work. He does all these things that nobody even sees half the time. "

Then there’s rookie Adam Trautman, a player the Saints traded up to draft in the third round. The Saints believe he can be a rare two-way blocking and receiving threat at the the traditional y tight end position.

“I’d like to think when its all said and done, he’s a hybrid of those two players. He’s able to do the dirty work like Josh does but yet he’s got receiving ability kind of like Cook.”

Should that happen with Trautman, Campbell said you may see more two tight end, or 12 personnel, sets in 2020.

" If you’ve got a guy like that then you can (go into) 12 with (Trautman) and (Jared) Cook, you can go 12 with (Trautman) and Josh (Hill), you can still go 12 (with others). It opens your packages up and what you’re able to do offensively."

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