La. Gov. Edwards signs over 50 bills into law Thursday

Louisiana State Capitol
Louisiana State Capitol(WAFB)
Updated: Jun. 11, 2020 at 1:29 PM CDT
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(WAFB) - Governor John Bel Edwards signed several bills into law Thursday, June 11. The bills come from the 2020 Regular Legislative Session.

The following is a list of bills signed into law by the governor. More information on each bill can be found using the website linked here.

ACT 111—SB 118 Provides relative to “contract limit” in the public works law.

ACT 112—SB 122 Provides relative to notice and appeal rights for over-age dependent coverage by any health plan offered under purview of Office of Group Benefits and designated as “Arielle’s Law”.

ACT 113—SB 137 Authorizes coroner to issue permit for cremation after completion of coroner’s investigation of death when under suspicious circumstances or reasonable probability of commission of crime.

ACT 114—SB 147 Provides for release of body for disposition by coroner

ACT 115—SB 178 Provides relative to delivery of alcoholic beverages

ACT 116—SB 244 Provides for legislative determination of priorities in final construction program.

ACT 117—SB 273 Provides for registration with secretary of state by managed service providers servicing public bodies

ACT 118—SB 283 Provides relative to local sales tax administration.

ACT 119—SB 308 Provides relative to Dedicated Fund Review Subcommittee of Joint Legislative Committee on Budget.

ACT 120—SB 313 Provides relative to exemptions related to New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board.

ACT 121—SB 345 Provides relative to noncompete agreements.

ACT 122—SB 433 Provides that mandatory reporter of child abuse has cause to suspect abuse if child under age of 13 is pregnant

ACT 123—SB439 Limits liability of nonprofit organization or employee for disclosure of certain information.

ACT 124—HB 18 Provides relative to contributions to and administration of Municipal Police Employees’ Retirement System.

ACT 125—HB 35 Provides limitation of liability for donating certain wild game.

ACT 126—HB 62 Provides relative to election of judges in 14th JDC.

ACT 127—HB 95 Provides for increase in commissioner fees in Twenty-Fourth Judicial District Court.

ACT 128—HB 110 Provides relative to methods of service of process regarding actions objecting to candidacy and contesting election.

ACT 129—HB 111 Authorizes Red River, Atchafalaya, and Bayou Beouf Levee Districts to exchange property in Avoyelles Parish.

ACT 130—HB 114 Provides relative to parish boards of election supervisors.

ACT 131—HB 122 Provides for ratification of certain executive orders relative to notarial acts.

ACT 132—HB 129 Provides relative to motion to expunge record of arrest that did not result in conviction.

ACT 133—HB 132 Adopts daylight saving time as standard time.

ACT 134—HB 185 Requires licensure for insurance producers acting on behalf of fraternal benefit societies

ACT 135—HB 249 Provides for certain fees to be dedicated to operational costs of office of coroner in Concordia Parish.

ACT 136—HB 290 Prohibits the disclosure of addresses and telephone numbers of election commissioners.

ACT 137—HB 317 Establishes driver’s license designation for person with autism spectrum disorder

ACT 138—HB 328 Authorizes exemption from local sales taxes for feminine hygiene products and diapers.

ACT 139—HB 343 Provides relative to Bail Bond Apprentice Program.

ACT 140—HB 344 Prohibits the use of solitary confinement for certain persons

ACT 141—HB 357 Provides relative to fantasy sports contests.

ACT 142—HB 376 Provides relative to qualifications of members of municipal fire and police civil service board in city of Baton Rouge.

ACT 143—HB 378 Provides relative to compensation for members of Washington Parish planning commission

ACT 144—HB 412 Expands authorized uses of monies in State Emergency Response Fund.

ACT 145—HB 414 Provides relative to civil service status of employees of Monroe Housing Authority.

ACT 146—HB 417 Provides relative to waiver of certain court costs and fees.

ACT 147—HB 418 Provides relative to immunity from prosecution for medical marijuana.

ACT 148—HB 426 Provides relative to seed testing and labeling.

ACT 149—HB 438 Provides relative to contempt proceedings when Department of Children and Family Services is providing support enforcement services.

ACT 150—HB 443 Provides relative to board of commissioners of Lakeshore Crime Prevention District.

ACT 151—HB 496 Provides relative to grain buyers within agricultural commodity dealer and warehouse law and to Grain and Cotton Indemnity Fund

ACT 152—HB 514 Provides relative to electric-assisted bicycles.

ACT 153—HB 515 Provides relative to content of notice of intent of agency’s intended action regarding administrative rules.

ACT 154—HB 602 Provides relative to criminal history record information for Louisiana Department of Education.

ACT 155—HB 633 Provides for mandatory training in cybersecurity awareness for all state and local employees, officials, and contractors.

ACT 156—HB 653 Provides relative to requirements for reporting and advertising unclaimed property.

ACT 157—HB 665 Reestablishes Louisiana Toxic Mold Task Force.

ACT 158—HB 753 Provides relative to special restrictions on lamps for certain vehicles.

ACT 159—HB 754 Expands powers and authority of livestock brand inspectors.

ACT 160—HB 775 Provides relative to defendant’s appearance at certain proceedings by audio-visual transmission.

ACT 161—HB 784 Provides relative to certain types of contributions and records required to be maintained relative thereto

ACT 162—HB 805 Provides for suspension of prescription.

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