Bill aiming to lower university fees is moving through La. legislature

Bill proposing to lower university fees moving through La. legislature

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A plan that would allow universities in Louisiana to raise or lower student fees next year is moving through the state capitol.

The state legislature would normally have the final say on fee increases or decreases, but lawmakers allowed universities to set their own prices a few years ago to help them fill holes in their budgets left by cuts to higher education.

Schools were supposed to lose that right this year but some legislators want to extend the policy so universities have more financial flexibility while the coronavirus affects their bottom line.

“We often talk about universities acting like businesses, well this is the opportunity for them to do that. Just to be clear, the universities in asking for this doesn’t necessarily indicate a fee increase,” Rep. Zee Zeringue, R-Houma, said.

Some lawmakers say universities could even slash prices to lure more students to campus. The bill now heads to the House floor for full debate.

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