LSU officials meet with concerned students in response to racial slur video circulating on social media

LSU says it will continue working with students to create more inclusive environment

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - LSU officials and students have been scheduling meetings since Monday, June 8 to discuss the issues of video on social media of an incoming LSU student using a racial slur.

“We are finally in a place where I think we can make some real and meaningful and further change that we can really take the next step,” Interim President of LSU, Tom Galligan, explains.

Once the video spread over social media, students and the community became very upset, therefore, LSU decided to take the initiative and talk with their students.

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Galligan further explained that students and officials are coming up with a plan with will help increase inclusiveness.

“The students who come from a variety of organizations have a platform, a six-point platform of things that the students want to see LSU do to make the university and the campus a more inclusive, welcoming and safe place for everybody particularly students of color," Galligan says.

Moving forward, the university plans to act once their plans are finalized.

“We will continue on those six points and any other matters the students raise and then, hopefully, in the very near future we will come out with a blueprint for action and one that we agree upon,” Galligan says.

As of now, no direct action has been made in regard to the incoming student.

The meetings with the students will continue Wednesday, June 10 to discuss more about the student-led platform.

BlackOut LSU, an LSU organization dedicated to advocating for the Black LSU community, has been a part of these discussions.

The organization tells them hope for progress and change as the meetings move forward.

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