Gov. Edwards signs 62 bills into law from 2020 Regular Legislative Session

Louisiana State Capitol
Louisiana State Capitol(WAFB)
Published: Jun. 9, 2020 at 4:01 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Governor John Bel Edwards announced Tuesday, June 9 has signed 62 bills into law from the 2020 Regular Legislative Session.

The following is a list of all the bills the governor signed into law:

ACT 49—SB 16 Prohibits insurance rate determinations based on risk classifications due to the fact that the insured is deployed in the military in excess of six months.

ACT 50—SB 54 Provides relative to articles of incorporation and qualifications of registered agents of certain corporations.

ACT 51—SB 55 Removes requirement for telephone numbers in an application for registration of certain contract providers filed with the secretary of state.

ACT 52—SB 65 Creates an exemption for members of the armed services to avoid a penalty for lapse of automobile coverage.

ACT 53—SB 71 Provides for the Louisiana Automotive Insurance Plan.

ACT 54—HB 765 Creates the "LSU National Champions" specialty license plate.

ACT 55—SB 72 Provides for collection of certain fees by the commissioner of insurance from property and casualty insurers.

ACT 56—SB 78 Provides relative to disbursement of funds from START savings accounts.

ACT 57—SB 79 Creates the Louisiana Cybersecurity Talent Initiative Fund for the purpose of funding degree and certificate programs in cybersecurity fields and creates the Cybersecurity Education Management Council to advise relative to the fund

ACT 58—SB 84 Provides relative to legislative approval of Education Excellence Fund expenditure plans.

ACT 59—SB 110 Provides relative to servitudes of drainage.

ACT 60—SB 117 Re-creates the Department of Natural Resources.

ACT 61—SB 353 Provides for carbon sequestration.

ACT 62—SB 386 Establishes Advisory Commission for Louisiana’s Energy, Environment, and Restoration

ACT 63—HB 116 Provides relative to use of court costs and fees for services by constables and marshals

ACT 64—HB 67 Provides relative to crime of battery of police officer.

ACT 65—HB 109 Prohibits vaping in motor vehicles under certain circumstances

ACT 66—HB 181 Extends cooperative endeavor agreements for use of surface waters

ACT 67—HB 164 Provides relative to emergency medical services protocols in certain life-threatening situations

ACT 68—HB 168 Provides relative to exemptions for steam heating boilers

ACT 69—HB 171 Provides limited authorization for DCFS to obtain copies of birth and death certificates of certain children and adults.

ACT 70—HB 178 Provides relative to suspension or deferral of sentence and probation in felony cases.

ACT 71—HB 179 Provides relative to certain conditions to expunge record of arrest and conviction of felony offense.

ACT 72—HB 184 Provides for lease of certain state property in Jefferson Parish.

ACT 73—HB 194 Provides relative to certain expungement forms.

ACT 74—HB 203 Provides relative to re-creation of Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.

ACT 75—HB 213 Provides relative to Louisiana Military Hall of Fame and Museum.

ACT 76—HB 227 Provides relative to nature of production payments

ACT 77—HB 240 Authorizes Louisiana Department of Health office of behavioral health to conduct reviews of deaths of persons served by the office.

ACT 78—HB 241 Provides relative to expungement of records.

ACT 79—HB 257 Provides relative to form of payment for expungement of record

ACT 80—HB 392 Removes specific function of office of forestry and certain authority of Louisiana Forestry Commission related to production and prices of forest tree seedlings grown by department

ACT 81—HB 393 Provides for commissioner’s authority to regulate cooperative agreements within Louisiana Forestry Productivity Program.

ACT 82—HB 394 Provides relative to State Forestry Commission’s comprehensive management plan for Alexander State Forest and Indian Creek.

ACT 83—HB 406 Grants secretary of Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism power to make personnel decisions.

ACT 84—HB 442 Provides relative to timber harvest season permits.

ACT 85—HB 461 Provides relative to property exchange between Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

ACT 86—HB 476 Provides relative to Louisiana Folklife Commission and Louisiana Tourism Development Commission

ACT 87—HB 481 Requires uniform reporting by entities that assess, collect, or receive revenue from pre- or post-adjudication costs, fines, and fees.

ACT 88—HB 589 Provides for Medicaid policies and procedures concerning telehealth services.

ACT 89—HB 592 Allows Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority to incur debt or issue bonds.

ACT 90—HB 669 Re-creates Department of Transportation and Development

ACT 91—HB 691 Reinstates Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund and program

ACT 92—HB 758 Provides relative to payments under public contract.

ACT 93—HB 780 Provides relative to disqualification of commercial motor vehicle drivers.

ACT 94—HB 828 Provides relative to insurance fraud investigation unit within Department of Public Safety and Corrections.

ACT 95—HB 808 Provides for premium discounts on motor vehicle insurance when insured consents to have data provided to third parties.

ACT 96—HB 29 Provides relative to the reporting duties of law enforcement with respect to information about missing children.

ACT 97—HB 57 Provides for the functions of the jury commission in Tangipahoa Parish and Jackson Parish

ACT 98—HB 77 Provides relative to the supervision and reporting requirements of persons on probation or parole

ACT 99—HB 173 Provides parole eligibility for certain juvenile offenders.

ACT 100—HB 211 Provides relative to state banks and credit unions providing financial services to cannabis-related legitimate businesses and service providers.

ACT 101—HB 212 Provides relative to domestic abuse.

ACT 102—HB 220 Provides relative to the judicial enforcement of fines and penalties assessed by the state licensing board for contractors.

ACT 103—HB 338 Provides relative to physical and mental health information of an offender appearing before the committee on parole.

ACT 104—HB 420 Provides relative to minimum training requirements for law enforcement officers.

ACT 105—HB 434 Provides relative to certain homicide offenses.

ACT 106—HB 453 Provides relative to motions to modify disposition.

ACT 107—HB 499 Provides relative to the procedure for independent administration of successions.

ACT 108—HB 529 Provides relative to letters of incarceration.

ACT 109—HB 722 Provides for the enforcement of electronic signatures by financial institutions.

ACT 110—HB 842 Provides relative to the assessment, collection, and distribution of certain court costs and fees in the parish of Orleans.

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