As Entergy crews prepare for severe weather, officials say power restoration could be delayed

Entergy crews preparing for Cristobal anticipate new COVID-19 response could delay restorations

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - In preparation for severe winds, Entergy crews trimmed and cut trees away from power lines.

“Whenever a storm comes through, trees are one of the major concerns. They take lines down. They make it more difficult and more dangerous for our crews to come in and restore power," said Greg Guilbeau with Entergy Louisiana.

Guilbeau says Entergy employees are working hard to prepare for a busy weekend of severe weather.

He says new safety policies for COVID-19 could possibly prolong the response time for crews restoring power if it goes out.

“We’re facing COVID just like everyone else with the pandemic, so with that, our crews may take a little bit longer whenever they are restoring power," said Guilbeau.

Guilbeau reminded customers to never try to move or touch a downed power line, even if it does not appear to be dangerous.

“There is a possibility that if someone is running a generator, it can energize those lines that are on the ground. So always stay away from downed power lines,” said Guilbeau.

Entergy offered a few tips and reminders to prepare families to experience an outage.

  • Turn your freezer to the highest setting so that it remains cold longer if the power goes out.
  • Keep cell phones charged fully, and set it to battery saving mode.
  • Keep a flashlight and small radio nearby, which can also help save up your cell phone’s battery life.

Guilbeau says Entergy will continue working to help keep the lights on for families in the meantime.

“We have contract linemen and contract vegetation men coming to this area and through the state. Wherever the storm ultimately hits, we will move those employees around,” said Guilbeau.

Customers can stay updated on power outages through the Entergy mobile app.

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