Former LSU head coach Les Miles shares thoughts on discussing important social topics with players

Les Miles Interview (6/5/2020)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Former LSU and now Kansas head coach Les Miles allowed a phone interview to share his thoughts on today’s emotional racial climate and discussing it with his players - past and present.

Miles was coaching the Tigers when Alton Sterling was shot to death by a Baton Rouge police officer on July 5, 2016. Many of his players then were affected by what happened. Now, as the head coach of the Jayhawks, his players have similar concerns and questions about the death of George Floyd at the hands of officers.

“You first, you tell the truth; you see where change can take place,” said Miles. “Everybody wants change. I think our guys are not unlike any college student. Our guys want the opportunity to do all the things that everybody gets to and they want a quality, very equal set of rights and criteria by which this government is going to be run by."

Miles went on to say the players he was fortunate enough to coach at LSU seemed to handle the emotions generated by social injustice very well. He added he thinks his players at Kansas have also handled it well.

Miles took to Twitter on May 30 to express his feelings after Floyd’s death. His tweet read in part:

"My heart hurts as I reflect on the racism that still exists in this country and the civil unrest we currently find ourselves in. Regardless of race and color we cannot keep turning a blind eye to those that need our support through words and actions now more than ever. God Bless."

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Miles was head coach at LSU from 2005-2016 and led the team to a national championship in 2007.

He and the Tigers had an opportunity to win another title in 2011 but came up on the losing end of that one. Miles put much of the blame on himself for the outcome.

Miles is gearing up for his second year at Kansas. He said he’s extremely fortunate to be coaching a really good group of players and young men.

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