Phase 2 reopening: What services will look like amid coronavirus at local spa

Spas, massage establishments reopening in Phase 2 under specific guidelines

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Phase two of reopening Louisiana starts Friday, June 5. That includes massage spas, but how do you get a massage during the coronavirus?

The owners of the Woodhouse Day Spa of Baton Rouge explained how they have prepared for their reopening.

When clients walk in, there will be white markers in the lobby indicating where customers need to stand to maintain distance. Then, they have to fill out a questionnaire to ensure they are safe to walk in. Then, a staff member takes the client’s temperature.

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The client is provided a robe and flip flops, if they want them. If not, they can stay in their own clothes. A locker will be available if needed, each one is cleaned before and after each client.

From there, everyone heads to what’s called the “quiet room.”

In there, several chairs are turned around with signs reading “please maintain proper social distancing.” The goal is to limit the number of people in the quiet room by staggering the appointment times.

Erin and Deneb Warner are the spa owners.

“Your appointments will be staggered so we only have a few people coming in at the door at the same time,” said Deneb.

“So where we used to have appointments everybody would check in at 9:00, then everybody would check in at 10:00, now we are staggering it to where a few at 9:00, a few at 9:20, a few at 9:40 so that the fluctuation of check-in and check-out is going to be a lot less people,” said Erin.

Since the start of the pandemic, the spa was forced shut down, meaning no income whatsoever. Phase 1 allowed them to get back to manicures and pedicures.

“It’s like a deep breath, like, ‘Oh thank goodness,’ relief,” said Libby Morgan of Zachary.

It’s a first mother and daughter outing in months for Morgan. While the bonding time is much needed, she recognizes they’re serving a much more important need.

“They can work and get paid because that is the kind of stuff that I think about. They weren’t getting any money,” said Morgan.

In fact, Monday when the Governor announced Louisiana will proceed with a phase 2 opening, that’s when the Warners found out they can expand their services starting Friday.

“Oh my gosh, I was so excited,” said Erin.

“We will provide manicures, pedicures. We will provide massages, facials and waxing,” said Deneb.

Things that still remained closed include any tub treatments, body treatments like wraps done in this room and vee-shee’s.

Drinks like mimosas, wines, and teas will continue to be poured, but in disposable cups to minimize contact.

There will be no heated neck wraps for now and only about 10 minutes in the quiet room or clients can remain in the car till it’s time for your appointment.

“In a massage, when a therapist picks up a client, they are going to be in a mask. The room has been freshly sanitized. When the guest come into the room, they will also have a mask on,” said Erin.

Again, every room is sanitized before and after every client. Plus, prior to opening.

“We have also had every surface in the spa sprayed by a third-party company called Microshield 360 and this company guarantees that no viruses can live on any surfaces for up to 12 months,” said Erin.

Despite some services still in the works, the Warners are just thankful to get back to business having already lost a few months of sales, but also a crucial Mother’s Day.

“Mother’s Day will usually carry us through the summer months,” said Erin.

For now, they’re hoping things pick up and their clients can get back to making memories and lasting bonds, such as mother-daughter time.

“I’m so glad, thrilled!!” said Morgan.

Customers can begin scheduling appointments for the services that are available as of Thursday, June 4.

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