Halt on some evictions ends June 8 due to Phase 2 of reopening

What you can do if you’re still experiencing financial hardship

Halt on some evictions ends June 8 due to Phase 2 of reopening
Eviction proceedings will begin again now that the state is moving into Phase 2 of reopening. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Louisiana courts are set to begin hearing eviction proceedings again beginning June 8. All evictions were halted mid-March as many quickly became unable to pay rent and other bills during the Governor’s stay at home order in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Phase 2 of reopening will allow landlords who do not have federally-backed mortgages to file eviction papers if they choose.

Landlords can also renegotiate lease agreements given the pandemic; however, they are not legally forced to do so.

Individuals with continued financial hardships should consider discussing the following with their landlord:

  • Ask to consider a plan that would allow you to pay in parts to help avoid falling behind;
  • Ask to waive late fees, which can appear small initially, but will eventually add up;
  • Most mortgage lenders qualify for a forbearance during this time. Ask your landlord to consider not charging rent for those months if they receive forbearance from their lender.

Landlords cannot evict, threaten or harass tenants for rent payment before June 8. Landlords receiving funding from the Federal CARES Act are unable to proceed with evictions until August 25.

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