Planning a trip in or out of BTR this summer? Here’s what to expect

Here’s what to expect when planning a trip in or out of BTR this summer

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Safety has always been a primary concern when catching a flight, but now, your health takes off as one of the airport’s top priorities.

One step inside the Baton Rouge Metro Airport nowadays and you’ll see things don’t look the exactly the same as before, from sneeze guards at the desks to social distancing reminders on the floor. However, Jim Caldwell at BTR says the functional flow is the same.

“As far as the procedures go, there isn’t much significantly different other than there are more options to try to avoid contact,” said Caldwell, the airport’s marketing, public relations, and air service development manager.

You can still use the ticket kiosks to print your boarding pass and load your luggage. Even if you do interact with an airport or TSA employee, you’ll notice they’re wearing masks and gloves.

“All of the agents are wearing masks and gloves and doing what they can do to try to minimize risk,” said Caldwell.

Going through security is basically the same as before too, except now, you can bring one bottle of hand sanitizer up to 12 oz in your carry-on bag.

As for a pair of eyes from the sky, Eddie Robins shares his recent flight experience and he says expect your usual in-flight demonstrations to look different too.

“Every airline I’ve been on has made additional announcements about masks and emergency procedures,” said Robins.

He also says when the plane lands, don’t expect to rush off in a hurry.

“You have to deplane the aircraft slower so that you’re not crowding the aisles," he said.

You also might need to be flexible with your airlines. Robins says he would have flown Delta into BTR, but had to change his plans.

“There was only one flight going to Baton Rouge from Atlanta and that was this morning, so I had to take another airline, which was American Airlines, to come in today,” he said.

All three airlines servicing BTR (American, Delta, and United) have reduced flight frequency. That’s because the number of passengers going through BTR in April was down about 95%. The airlines plan to add more stops on the schedule this summer.

“In fact, in July, if the schedule holds, then we’ll be back to a little over 70% of our pre-pandemic schedule,” said Caldwell.

Things are pretty quiet in the airport for now, but Caldwell says you should have a safe time preparing for flight.

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