Former LSU DE ’Sonic’ Sam Montgomery gives 1-on-1 interview about football, current issues

Former LSU DE ’Sonic’ Sam Montgomery gives 1-on-1 interview about football, current issues
LSU defensive end 'Sonic' Sam Montgomery (No. 99) (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Former LSU defensive end “Sonic” Sam Montgomery stopped by WAFB to talk about a number of topics, starting with the tremendous defense and team he played on in 2011.

Montgomery (2010-2012) finished his Tiger career with a total of 19 quarterback sacks and 32 tackles for loss.

Sam Montgomery Interview
Ron Brooks Interview

“Me and Tyrann - when things got really, really rough - me and Tyrann would come together like this and it would be over with, the one thing I know - you got a Tyrann Mathieu talking to a Sam Montgomery - everybody is going to get hurt," said Montgomery. "It’s like the Emperor with the Ultimate Warrior - got get them big men. Go get them. So many things unleft, in terms of competing for a national championship, so. If you don’t get it, you always feel like something is missing or you’re supposed to have a little something extra, for all the hard work and sacrifice you put in. This 2019 team was to those guys who still love football and couldn’t let it go - put to sleep that old nightmare they had no control over. When you take the quarterback down, the whole Tiger Stadium takes the quarterback down with you. It’s like a big ‘boom!’ When you hit him, he goes down, the crowd goes down with you, and we all get up at the same time. Barkevious Mingo, Clowney, we were all in the same place. South Carolina was there, LSU was there, my mom was there, so everyone was there. I was establishing domination. I was letting everyone know from South Carolina to Louisiana [that] I am king. We were all here, when Clowney and Mingo were here, who showed out? It was Sam Montgomery. There’s a lot going on in the country right now. I encourage positivity. I want people to understand you cannot stop violence with more violence. It can bring attention and notoriety. I would really like more leaders to embrace positivity. I know I have to use my mind to get through this, because without change through paper, without change through a document, without change through my community first, nothing will get started. I hope everyone learns their role and their stance the proper way.”

Former LSU cornerback Ron Brooks (2007-2011) added he believes the 2011 team is in the top three in school history.

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