UPDATE: Suspect arrested for machete attack on Little Caesar’s employee

UPDATE: Suspect arrested for machete attack on Little Caesar’s employee
The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office has arrested Tyrone Constant for an attack on an employee of Little Caesar's Pizza in Harvey, La. (Source: WVUE FOX 8)

HARVEY, La. (WVUE) -The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office has made an arrest in the brutal attack of an employee at Little Caesar’s Pizza in Harvey.

Police arrested Tyrone Constant around midnight near the intersection of Manhattan and LaPalco Blvd.

Constant was identified as the suspect in the May 23 machete attack in the 1600 block of Gretna Blvd. in which a 20-year-old woman suffered multiple severe lacerations to her face and head.

The victim, Jazmyn Fradieu, is now home recovering from severe wounds to her face, back, shoulders, and other areas of her body.

“She’s not her hair and she’s not her face but he tried to destroy her. He tried to destroy her,” said the victim’s mother Delisse George.

George hasn’t slept since her daughter was admitted to University Medical Center.

“Because what I see is my baby fighting for her life. That’s all I can picture is her with her hands up, trying to stop him from killing her,” George said.

It happened Saturday night while Jazmyn Fradieu was working as a shift manager at Little Caesar’s Pizza in Harvey.

According to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office, around 9 p.m., a male, believed to be a local homeless man named Tyrone, entered the restaurant at 1650 Gretna Blvd. and asked about a job.

“She was assisting him on getting a job. And she said, from out of nowhere, he just pulled out the machete and started attacking her,” George explained. “He was trying to chop her, just cut her throat and she went down chin to chest.”

Her family described the attack as vicious. Jazmyn suffered deep cuts and broken bones in her face, as well as defensive wounds worthy of reconstructive surgery on her hands and arms.

George believes her street smarts and her family's prayers kept Jazmyn alive.

"Did you know she was such a fighter?" asked FOX 8.

George chuckled.

"To be honest with you, no. No, but when it comes down to fighting, it's time to fight and that's what she did." George said.

Yet, George says her daughter is still frightened and so is she. The family believes Jazmyn was targeted.

Self-less and accepting, family members say Jazmyn was coming into her own; her kind, gentle nature making the attack more difficult to comprehend.

Though she’ll wear physical scars, George says she’s more concerned with healing the emotional ones. And bringing Jazmyn’s attacker to justice.

"Please, I'm begging y'all to turn him in because my child is suffering. She's suffering," said George. "He has altered her life and with that, he has altered mine and he has altered my family's life."

Despite her injuries, George says Jazmyn managed to crawl to her phone before collapsing. The other employee at the pizza place was able to escape to a nearby gas station and call for help.

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