Baton Rouge City Court reducing certain traffic tickets due to threat of COVID-19

BR City Court reducing some tickets due to COVID-19

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Officials with Baton Rouge City Court say due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19 they are reducing and amending all traffic violations that do not involve an accident to a non-moving violation. The new policy will be in effect until July 31.

A non-moving violation will not affect your driving record nor your car insurance, officials say.

The fine for a non-moving violation is $124 per violation. Officials say if the violation is for speeding in a school zone, it will also be amended to a non-moving violation but will cost you $215.

Officials say once your ticket is amended to a non-moving violation you are responsible for paying the ticket prior to your scheduled court date, or for obtaining an extension of time to pay.

“I don’t want people to think that this is an open ended, no questions asked, zero review process,” said Elzie Alford Jr. with the East Baton Rouge Clerk of Court. “There is a review process, but the general rule is if it’s a simple traffic violation and not speeding in a school zone or something of that nature, or an accident, then you’re going to be allowed to get the reduction.”

For more information on how to pay and obtaining an extension call 225-389-3119 or email

If your traffic violation does involve an accident, officials say you will not be eligible for an automatic reduction to a non-moving violation but encourage you to still call or email them to determine your available options.

“If prosecutors see that it’s being abused, then we always have the right to deny it for you,” Alford said. “If we get a person that’s a repeat offender, a person who’s in bench warrant status, all of these are being reviewed.”

Please note, this only applies to traffic violations with the Baton Rouge City Court.

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