Miss. neighborhood turns cul-de-sac into ultimate ‘sandlot’

Oak Grove neighborhood turns cul-de-sac into the ultimate "sandlot"

HATTIESBURG, Miss. (WDAM) - Many are searching for ways to keep themselves entertained during these tough times. One neighborhood in Oak Grove has transformed a cul-de-sac into an epic game of “sandlot" baseball.

“It started with like 8 kids then it grew to 12 then to 16,” said Joe Ignatius.

Ignatius, a former Ole Miss outfielder, painted the bases to make it safer, however, his imagination didn’t stop there.

“One morning I woke up and asked my wife, ‘What if I painted the infield,’” said Ignatius.

From there, teams were formed for a classic Girls vs. Boys matchup.

Ignatius put his time playing at Swayze Field to use to lead the boys, while World Series champion and veteran MLB second baseman Brian Dozier coached the girls.

“It’s girls against guys," said Dozier. "It’s a competition. It teaches kids how to fail, which I love. They come back the next day eager to get better. During this time, when things are a little weird and uncomfortable. It’s been pretty special.”

The winner will be determined by a seven-game championship series. The winner will get to hold Dozier’s 2019 Nationals World Series trophy replica.

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