Despite any certainty about fans in stadiums, more than a hundred people sign up for Vegas trip to see Saints play

Updated: May. 21, 2020 at 5:55 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - “We’ve been locked up in our house for 8 to 10 weeks now, and I travel every week for work. I love to travel for fun also. It’s just sort of a part of our lifestyle,” Juliet Pappalardo said.

Juliet Pappalardo, though, hasn’t traveled in months, and even with so much uncertainty about the future of travel, she signed up for a trip to see the Saints play in Las Vegas.

“I think this year it means so much more, and to go to a fun city and see a new stadium, it’s even better,” Pappalardo said.

She isn’t alone. More than a hundred people have signed up with ‘Tailgate NOLA’ for a package deal to watch the Saints play the Las Vegas Raiders on September 21st for the first game in its new stadium.

“We’ve had well over 500 text messages, phone calls, etc,” Daniel Flynn said.

For $1750 a person, the company is offering a roundtrip flight to Vegas, 3 night and 4 days at the Paris Hotel, along with tailgate parties and a ticket to the game.

“We have a great party set up for Sunday night on the second floor of a pub, and we have a sever hour tailgate for the game,” Flynn said.

Still, it’s unclear if there will be large gatherings allowed in September or if the NFL will allow fans in stadiums.

“It’s a risk. We don’t know what’s going to happen. I choose to be hopeful that it will by then, that we flatten the curve,” Pappalardo said.

“I think you’re always concerned in the back of your head, but you know what, we have to live life. This is it. Let’s go, live, party. It’s Vegas,” Nick Chisesi said.

Nick Chisesi says he needs a trip to look forward to, as a way to feel like life is back to normal.

Pappalardo says she’ll take all precautions as long as she gets to be there.

“If we have to wear masks, if we have to bring Clorox wipes, I’m ok with that. I would do it. We want to make sure that everyone is safe, but it’s a risk we’re willing to take,” Pappalardo said.

Daniel Flynn with ‘Tailgate NOLA’ says the company is pretty confident everything will be ok, but they’re prepared just in case.

“One hundred percent refund. If they do play the game on September 21st with no fans, we’re still going out there and you’ll have everything included in the package but we’d refund the ticket to the game,” says Flynn.

“I’ve been at the grind, been on the front lines, and it’s time to get away. I need a break, and this is the break I’ve been looking for. Vegas, here I come,” Chisesi said.

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