Bike to Work Day: Keep rolling forward with change during Phase 1 of reopening

Bike to Work Day: Keep rolling forward with change during Phase 1 of reopening
Bike riding is seeing a spike of interest. (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Much of Louisiana will return to work on Friday, May 15 and that day happens to coincide with National Bike to Work Day.

“It’s a day that serves to both celebrate those who use clean, active transportation to get to work and to encourage those who might want to bike commute, but need a little support,” said Doug Moore, President of Bike Baton Rouge.

May is National Bike Month and this year more people than ever have rediscovered a love for biking.

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“Once the weather heats up and people return to work, there may be a drop in bike riding; however, too many people have either discovered or rediscovered bike riding for it to simply be a passing fad. Bike riding is simply too much fun,” Moore said when asked if the trend would be long-lasting or short-lived. “Seeing your neighborhood and your city on a bike gives you a whole new appreciation for the world around you.”

According to data from the The League of American Bicyclists, Louisiana has actually seen quite a bit of growth regarding ridership. From 2005-2013, Louisiana saw more than 100% growth.

“We at Bike Baton Rouge truly believe that the more people who ride, the better their lives will be. And the more people whose lives have improved, the better the city is,” Moore said. “Baton Rouge will truly become a healthier, happier and wealthier city as more people ride bikes instead of drive.”

Although Baton Rouge has long been viewed as less than friendly to cyclists, that perception is changing with the inclusion of bike lanes and devoted pathways for cyclists and pedestrians.

If you’re still not sure, Moore says the pros far outweigh the cons.

“Biking to work has many benefits: it can save people money, it allows people a chance to do their part to alleviate traffic congestion on our roads and it helps people integrate a bit of exercise into their daily lives. Many people are apprehensive about biking to work. Bike to Work Day helps people realize that this may be something that’s not only possible, but very enjoyable. I always say that, for most people, the commute is the worst part of their day, but on a bike, it can become the BEST part of their day.”

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