LSU achieves recruiting head start with Ponchatoula star Jacoby Mathews

LSU achieves recruiting head start with Ponchatoula star Jacoby Mathews
LSU was the first to offer Mathews a scholarship. (Source: Garland Gillen)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Jacoby Mathews knew one position on the field all through park ball, quarterback. But, when he joined Ponchatoula, Mathews was asked to play safety.

Jacoby Mathews standing out all over the football field for Ponchatoula

“I was ready to do it. Anything that was going to help me win, or get me on the field, get me playing time, I was ready to do it,” said Jacoby Mathews.

Last season, he added receiver to his resume'.

“It was fun knowing that my coach trusted me enough, he could put me on either side of the field and expect me to compete, and come out with the ball either way it went,” said Mathews.

Mathews will move positions again this fall. TJ Finley is now on the LSU roster, so Jacoby will play quarterback for the Green Wave.

“I’m really excited that I get to go back to the position that I dreamed of playing. Position I played all my life. I feel like I’ll do good, and fit there good this year,” said Mathews.

Standing 6′2″, weighing 198 pounds, all the SEC heavyweights including Alabama and LSU want Mathews on their campus.

“They like my size and versatility as a safety. Not many big people can move in small spaces like I can. I feel like I’m blessed with that ability,” said Mathews.

Mathews is entering his junior season, so he has time to think on his college decision. The LSU Tigers will be in the discussion when all is said and done because they spotted his talent before anyone else.

“It was really good because it was my first offer. I didn’t expect to get an offer that big. I feel really blessed. It’s amazing that it was a school that I dreamed of all my life,” said Mathews.

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