Unlikely friendship begins during quarantine with bond over love of baseball

Unlikely friendship begins during quarantine with bond over love of baseball
Jordy Templet Jr., 7, and his new friend Austin Brumfield, 17, bonded over a love of baseball... and boredom. (Source: Lacie Templet)

ASCENSION PARISH, La. (WAFB) - It’s not easy being a kid, especially when the whole world went and changed overnight. But sometimes, change can be a good thing, especially in the form of an unlikely friendship.

Jordy Templet Jr., known to his family and friends as Bubs, is your typical 7-year-old boy. He likes playing video games, building with Lego, and playing baseball.

“For the last 6 months or so, Bubs has watched a young man play baseball in his front yard every single day,” his mom, Lacie, wrote on Facebook. “A few times he suggested that maybe he could go play with him. The boy was definitely in high school and obviously was on a totally different level of ball playing, so we told Bubs ‘you’re not quite old enough yet.’

“Well, needless to say, quarantine hit and Bubs wouldn’t let up. ‘Mom, Dad, can I go ask him to play?!?!l’”

So one day, Jordy Sr. flipped the script and walked with Bubs down the street to talk to the older boy. Would he want to play catch, maybe?

“With no hesitation [he] said sure,” Lacie said in an email interview. “Since that day, they have played together almost every day whether Austen comes to Bubs’ house or Bubs goes to his house.”

Turns out, that boy was nearly a man at 17-years-old. His name is Austin Brumfield and he is a student at Dutchtown where he plays on the baseball team.

“It’s so heartwarming! I admire Austin for being mature enough and bold enough to play with a child 10 years younger than him with no judgement.

“There are many more things high schoolers would rather be doing, I’m sure. His parents and coaches have really raised his well.

Bubs gained an unexpected mentor and Austin, who didn’t know it at the time, gained some guidance from a pro.

“Another good part of the story is that my husband, Jordy, played college baseball and also minor-league baseball so he will also spend time with Austin pitching to him. The world of baseball working full-circle.”

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