How to save money and stay safe during the pandemic with free pharmacy delivery

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 4:46 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - During a health crisis, access to your medications is essential and big-box pharmacies, like Walgreens and CVS, jumped on board to offer free prescription delivery but many of your mom-and-pop pharmacies have been doing this for years.

Your community drug store, like Parker’s Pharmacy, offers perks like home delivery. That extra touch now just seems like a necessity.

“They’re reaching out to us now more than ever to rely on us getting their prescriptions delivered to their doorstep,” said Orlando Palmer, co-owner and pharmacist-in-charge at Parker’s Pharmacy.

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Palmer said being in touch with the community helps give them an edge against the big-name stores at this time.

“We don’t have to adapt our business model. It’s been a seamless operation for us. We’re just ramping up our capacity so we can reach more patients,” he added.

Now, Parker’s Pharmacy delivers nearly 12 hours out of the day in and all around the Baton Rouge area. To get the most out of your free delivery, you can even get over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and other retail in your order.

“Everything we have in the retail setting, if we have it in stock, we can bring out to them same-day, just like we do their prescriptions,” Palmer explained.

Pharmacies offer a way to save money and stay safe during the pandemic with free deliveries of...
Pharmacies offer a way to save money and stay safe during the pandemic with free deliveries of prescription medications.(WAFB)

But, again, many local pharmacies have done free delivery for years. That’s because, even if we weren’t in a pandemic, TJ Woodard said it reduces your risk of exposure if you stay out of a doctor’s office or pharmacy when possible.

“If you don’t have to go into a pharmacy, it’s probably a good idea not to,” said Woodard, co-owner and pharmacist of Prescriptions To Geaux.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t get to know your regular pharmacy. It’s safest to order your prescriptions from a drug store you trust. Woodard said his team will do whatever it can to properly take your medicine to you.

“We will get you your medicine somehow,” he noted.

That even includes delivering by bike. Prescriptions To Geaux will deliver your medications on a bicycle to select downtown neighborhoods.

Also, to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, insurance companies do not require a signature at the door right now. Woodard said the system is easier than you expect.

“We’ll let them know, ‘Hey, we left it by your front door.’ We give them a call. Then, we leave and they can open the door and get their medications,” he explained.

In the best interest of your wallet and your safety, now is the time to take advantage of your favorite pharmacy’s delivery system.

Both of these Baton Rouge pharmacies offer curbside and drive-thru pick-up as well. As for your big-name drug stores, Walgreens and CVS waive delivery charges at this time and offer delivery on more than just medications.

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