Clyde Edwards-Helaire should be perfect fit in Kansas City

LSU Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (No. 22)
LSU Running Back Clyde Edwards-Helaire (No. 22)(Josh Auzenne/WAFB-TV (custom credit) | WAFB)
Updated: Apr. 29, 2020 at 9:59 AM CDT
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(WVUE) -

LSU’s national championship winning offense was must-see TV every week; so much so that it caught the eye of the NFL’s best in that department: Kansas City. They quickly identified Clyde Edwards-Helaire as the player they had to have, selecting him as the 32nd overall pick, making Clyde the only running back taken in the first round of this year’s draft.

“Watching the Kansas City offense last year, they were big on getting the back out in space,” says Edwards-Helaire. “Any check down, any way the back can get out and run a route, that’s where I absolutely did most of my damage as far as being in the passing game. And that’s what Kansas City is big on.”

But it’s important not to sell Clyde Edwards-Helaire short and label him just a pass-catching running back. In an offense that did most of its attacking through the air with 60 touchdowns from Joe Burrow, Clyde still rushed for 16 touchdowns, ranking him in the top 15 in the nation. Right now, it’s easy to think of Kansas City as the team that won the Super Bowl and finished strong, but there was a real need for a running presence during a rough stretch in the middle of the season.

Clyde could fill that role.

“His interior running ability and the vision and instincts are so unique,” says Chiefs general manager Brett Veach. “The guy has the ability to play the game in slow motion; lateral agility, vision, his ability to start and stop and redirect his hands out of the backfield.”

They’re all traits that make him a great player on the field to go along with the heart that can’t be matched. From the kid that was once told he wouldn’t be an SEC caliber running back to a first round pick, Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a true testament to where hard work can get you.

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