Beauty salons consider how to reopen while keeping customers safe

Beauty salons consider how to reopen while protecting customers

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Governor John Bel Edwards’ extended stay-at-home order could push back reopening dates for salon owners in the beauty industry. However, many beauticians are making preparations for when they can once again start accepting clients.

“Their health is a big priority for us,” said Tina Rodasta.

Rodasta is a 15-year veteran in the beauty industry. She owns Verde Beauty in Mid City and caters to clients in need of hair, makeup, and aesthetic services, especially for special occasions. She says they’re working on ways to reduce client exposure to the coronavirus and other germs as they prepare to reopen soon.

“The level of intimacy we have with our clients, because we’re in their personal bubbles, we’re right there, so the mask is going to be important for us and for them, and I find it to be even more important when we’re doing makeup because we’re in their face,” Rodasta said.

She says along with wearing masking and gloves, beauticians will also rotate shifts to reduce the number of people in the building at one time.

“We’re going to put each of us on different schedules so that we’re not having any overlaps, so we can keep it more sanitary and safe for our clients,” said Rodasta.

Rodasta says clients will likely not see major changes in scheduling since they’re an appointment-based business only, but there will be changes when clients are one-on-one with beauty experts.

Caroline Charbonnet, an eyelash technician at Verde Beauty, says she’s putting an extra emphasis on sanitizing equipment and her work space.

“I’ll be using Barbicide to clean my tweezers, and using eye pads for underneath the eye to avoid anything from getting into the eye area. I am going to Lysol and sanitize anything a client touches after every appointment," she said.

Charbonnet says she spends a least an hour directly in each client’s face while performing services. She says she’ll be wearing protective gear and is encouraging her clients to do the same.

“It’s just something that we’re going to have to do and something that we’re going to have to get used to over time,” Charbonnet said.

“We’ve already had these procedures in place. I think it’s just going to up the industry’s standards in general,” said Rodasta.

Rodasta says the Louisiana Board of Cosmetology is meeting soon to discuss protocols on how salons should reopen.

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