Louisiana woman thinks outside the stuffing to create daily scene for kids

Louisiana woman thinks outside the stuffing to create daily scene for kids
The day after the big storm, the bears were out cleaning up. (Source: Lisa Collins)

MORGANZA, La. (WAFB) - Placing a stuffed bear in a window is a fun game that has gotten world-wide attention thanks to the pandemic, but here in Louisiana, we like to do things a little differently.

Linda Collins lives in Morganza. Her home is in a neighborhood behind the old school house. After the Stay at Home order was issued, her daughter told her about this fun thing she was seeing all over the internet.

“Me and my sisters started seeing people put a teddy bear in their door or window on Facebook so that during the COVID-19 kids could go on a teddy bear hunt around the neighborhood,” Lisa Collins said. “When we told our mom (Linda), she went above and beyond. Next thing I know she starts sending pictures to me and my sisters and my dad and us start sharing with our friends on Facebook.”

Creative stuffed bear display in Morganza

And that’s how we learned about Linda. Lisa shared the pictures with us and of course we wanted to know more. For example, where did she get all of those bears?

“The bears are from years of collecting. She has a hard time giving things away,” Lisa said with a laugh. “Some are from Valentines days, anniversaries, and just random gifts and picking up cute bears over the years.”

From big to small, those bears have told a new story every day starting on March 29. On Earth Day, for example, the bears showed their love for the planet. Other times, they’re enjoying being outside on the swing set, flying kites, or even painting their own scenes.

“She loves making kids happy,” Lisa said. “She knows there are some kids in the neighborhood that are now looking forward to seeing them every day.”

We certainly enjoy seeing them, too! Thank you, Linda Collins for giving us a reason to smile.

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