‘I think it’s going to help us to close the grieving process a lot better’: Family hosts drive-thru funeral wake

Updated: Apr. 24, 2020 at 4:29 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - McDonnell Douglas F-15 fighter aircraft can be heard over Harvey Friday morning. The Louisiana National Guard help a fellow military man honor his father with a special flyover.

“They were all on board,” said Joshua Trosclair. “They said, ‘we’re here to support our brothers.’ I’m actually a flyer with the Air Force as well.”

Trosclair, a Air Force flyer, says he gave guardsmen the coordinates of the location. “They said they’re going to do a flyby 1500 feet just to honor my dad,” Trosclair said.

He says his dad, Darryl Trosclair, was in the hospital close to three weeks with COVID-19 and was on a ventilator. "Everyone was really expecting him to come out of the COVID-19. He was getting better than all of a sudden, he had a stroke on the road to recovery,” Trosclair said. “He never did recover from."

Under the social distancing guidelines, the Trosclair family did not expect to celebrate his life with other friends and family members.

"The love that everyone has for my dad, I think has been just amazing," Trosclair said.

Church of Abundant Life in Harvey made sure everyone had the opportunity to say goodbye. In its parking, under a tent, Darryl Trosclair’s wife, Cheryl, wanted everyone who loved him to get closure.

"You know with the virus going on and just not being able to just hug someone,” said Sean Fox. “You miss that. Just to say, hey, just to touch. The human touch is a big deal."

Mourners drove down the parking lot to the casket, paid their respects from their vehicles, and supported the family from a distance.

"I've done quite a few funerals and it's very important,” said Pastor Jonas Robertson. “The sooner you can get closure, the faster you can heal. If you prolong that process, the grieving extends."

Joshua Trosclair says he thinks the motorcade wake will help, “just because we can all be there for my dad," he said.

Visitors shared signs and stories. They cried together. Laughed together and mourned together.

"This is the one way to do it,” Fox said. “Rather than waiting 5 more weeks or maybe more. Who knows when we can all get together again?”

68-year-old Darry Trosclair was a husband of 47 years, a father of three, and a grandfather of nine.

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