A new sustainable retail, food delivery service coming to downtown Baton Rouge and Mid City

Gotcha Bikes partners with Baton Rouge restaurants, retail stores for delivery

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - A new form of retail and food delivery pops up in Baton Rouge and it may be cheaper than the Waitrs and Grubhubs of the world. Gotcha Bikes adds to-go delivery to its rideshare system.

In the pandemic, getting products to the customer looks differently and many local businesses may have the same questions as Anne Milneck at Red Stick Spice Company.

“Let’s imagine if we had to do this forever,” Milneck said. “What would this look like? How do we make this sustainable?”

Enter Gotcha To-Go -- a food and retail delivery system with Gotcha bikes and scooters. Sean Flood, the founder of Gotcha Mobility, looked at other delivery systems and thought something seemed off.

Most packages are very small, food and other things, and they’re delivered in four-passenger cars for the most part,” Flood said.

He launched Gotcha To-Go as a solution for COVID-19 delivery problems, but now, he feels it’s a win-win for small businesses beyond the pandemic.

“They’ll get to, one, save a lot of money on delivery fees that are being paid to other companies and, two, they’ll get to deliver on a sustainable product,” said Flood.

Businesses can rent a bike for $15 a day and use their own employees as riders. Red Stick Spice Company in Mid City is one of the first to hop on board.

It’s fantastic for the customers, we’re able to deliver the same day, but also I have my staff arguing over who gets the next delivery,” Milneck said.

She loves that the delivery has her brand’s touch from the store all the way to your door.

“From beginning to end, it’s a Red Stick Spice employee, who has received your order, packed your order and delivered your order,” Milneck said.

Soon, customers will be able to log onto the Gotcha app and order a neighborhood delivery. Gotcha Mobility will gradually add more businesses to the platform.

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